Champagne as a challenge cup

Too good to drink – When the fabulous bubbly remains locked away forever as a traveling trophy

It is an unwritten law that a pretty bottle of champagne will make a popular hostess gift for any number of parties. Much to the detriment of the champagne itself. Rarely is the opportunity seized to pop the cork, distribute the bottle’s sparkling contents among the guests, and witness everyone’s enjoyment of that wonderful tingling sensation unique to the first sip of champagne – oh no, quite the contrary: it isn’t even granted access to the refrigerator at an appropriate temperature, but rather placed on a living room shelf so that it can be gawked at from all sides.

Worst of all, however, is not that such a delicious gift remains unopened. No, it’s that it is the exact same bottle of champagne you received two years ago and that spent two long years languishing in your cupboard until you decided to pass it along. A clear case of a challenge cup!

Thus, the attractive champagne once received as a gift is grabbed from the shelf and taken along on an impromptu visit as an emergency present. After all, it would be rather awkward to show up without a gift. Of course, the bubbly with the swan’s neck and the glossy lettering always comes in handy. If you’re honest, you would never have opened it yourself – you’ve neglected the contents for years and reduced it to an object to be desired for its looks alone. What a pity…

We also offer pretty champagne bottles you can give as a gift. The only requirement, however, is that this time, they really will be consumed 😉


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