Benoit Marguet Sapience Premier Cru 2011


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Once again, Benoit Marguet has managed to bring his idiosyncratic and sophisticated style to this beautifully designed bottle of Sapience 2011!


The Champagne

The Sapience 2011 is a real highlight on many levels, not only for its exceptionally beautiful bottle. The cuvée is a joint project by Benoit Marguet and his colleagues David Leclapart, Vincent Laval and Benoit Lahaye, who are equally devoted to biodynamic cultivation. For this prestige cuvée, Leclapart provides the Chardonnay, Laval the Pinot Meunier and Lahaye the Pinot Noir, which are vinified together at Marguet. For the Sapience, the winemakers use only the best plots and the best barrels.

Sapience is an incredibly energetic Champagne with remarkable density, presence and precision. Lurking behind the initial grip of intense acidity are juicy aromas of fruit, both dark and citrusy. Allow the wine to breathe a bit and you will detect notes of brioche and spice, along with an exceptional depth and minerality. And finally, connoisseurs will recognize the cuvée’s slightly oxidative note characteristic of Marguet.

A champagne with exceptional harmony and dimension! Hedonists drink it immediately, while the more patient among us give it a few years.

Tasting Note

  • In the glass, a beautiful lemon yellow. The delicacy of the perlage is hard to beat.
  • On the nose, a scent of apple and citrus, punctuated by a slight smokiness and hints of vanilla.
  • The palate is full-bodied and complex with vibrant energy. Spicy and with exceptional depth and minerality.

Pair with

  • A soloist for special moments.
  • Also goes well with spicy, Asian dishes.
  • Also a super companion to any kind of seafood.

The Marguet Champagne House

Benoît Marguet is the fifth generation of his family to run the small Marguet champagne house in the southern Montagne de Reims. This puts the winemaker in the great position of being able to work with vines that are 38 years old on average. Benoît Marguet firmly believes that an honest and straightforward champagne can only be created through organic cultivation. His vineyards are still plowed with horses and all the champagnes are aged in wood.
Since 2006, Marguet has been collaborating with Hervé Jestin, the former cellar master of Duval-Leroy. Jestin advises many Champagne houses, and Benoît Marguet has learned a lot about biodynamic viticulture from him.

The Marguet champagnes are fruity and elegant yet powerful. Mostly without dosage and with a spicy and sometimes smoky note. This, by the way, makes them excellent food companions.

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Product Features

Champagne House





full-bodied & well-rounded, mineral, ripe fruit, sophisticated


Zero Dosage / Brut Nature


12.5 % vol

Grape varieties

50% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir, 25% Pinot Meunier

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